Your Own Dream Home

Buying a home for overseas holidays ensures that you know the location and accommodation and can do what you want with the house to make it a real “home from home”.

We will help you with:

Location, Cost, Valuation, Survey, Financing, Contracts, Government Transfer Tax, Lawyer’s Fees, Legal Advise, Landholders License, Land Registry, Real Estate Commission.

Antigua Estates will guide and help you with Government Stamp Duty or transfer tax: Buyer pays 2.5% and the seller pays 7.5%. As a non Antiguan purchasing real estate in Antigua you will need to apply for a non-citizens license to purchase property. The cost amounts to 5% of the property value. This document may take three months to issue.

Property Tax is considered low and based upon local rental values. For example: From US $300 a year for a three bedroom house. Legal costs are 1 to 2% depending on value. Most Properties are Freehold.

We highly recommend that you consult the relevant professionals prior to entering in to any contract. Antigua Estates will be happy to advise you of suitable qualified professionals like Bank Managers, Surveyors, Lawyers and Architects.

The possibility of owning your own home in the Caribbean is vastly becoming a reality for a growing number of people.

The Colonial Collection

Once you have purchased your property, our services don’t just stop there. If you need an interior designer to help you with your selection of furnishings and white goods our head designer has put together packages to suit most budgets.

For more information please contact us.