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Buying a home for overseas holidays in Antigua, like any growing country, presents its own unique challenges to the would-be buyer. If you know the buying procedure you are halfway to your dream but having the right agency behind you will ensure that your dreams become a reality and your property remains the paradise you always wanted.

Antigua Estates will help you with: Location, Cost, Valuation, Survey, Financing, Contracts, Government Transfer Tax, Lawyer’s Fees, Legal Advice, Landholders License, Land Registry.

Property guide

  • To purchase property in Antigua, non-citizens need to apply for a licence which costs 7% of the purchase price.
  • The amendments to the law (2020) of the increase to the charge of the NCLHL also require a licensed non citizen to comply with the requirements to pay undeveloped land taxes and all conditions of the NCLHL despite later acquiring Antigua & Barbuda citizenship.
  • The buyer pays government transfer fees of 2.5%.
  • For land purchase, compliance with the details of the non-citizen’s licence is required and building work must be completed within a given timescale or tax penalties may occur.
  • Rates and property taxes are based on rental value.
  • The majority of property is fee simple or freehold. Leaseholds are rare and usually held by the Crown.
  • Legal costs vary between 1% and 2% depending on property value.
  • Properties are registered at the Land Registry. There is no title insurance.
  • Bank financing is available but interest rates in Antigua are fairly high compared with the US & Europe.
  • Houses are usually serviced with a septic tank. Water cisterns are required. The majority of properties are serviced by government electricity and water, cable TV, telephone and broadband.

If you are looking for an investment property which you wish to let, ensure you consult a specialist property management agent to get the professional advice on what your income might be.

There’s a number of real estate agencies in Antigua but few that can offer the service and professionalism you deserve. Working with the right agency ensures that you only work with those who have extensive experience in this niche market. Antigua Estates is associated to over 360 offices globally, guaranteeing our credibility and ensuring your investment is safe.

The possibility of owning your own home in the Caribbean is vastly becoming a reality for a growing number of people.

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Citizenship by Investment Programme

Obtaining a passport through the citizenship by investment programme allows an investor and their family to enjoy a number of benefits conferred by their citizenship. As a member of the Commonwealth the holder of an Antigua and Barbuda passport can enjoy visa-free travel to over 100 countries including the United Kingdom and all European Union countries. As well as the ability to travel freely and invest in a growing economy the citizenship will allow, but not require, an investor the ability to reside in Antigua for as long as they would like.

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