Antigua and Barbuda is a twin island state and are the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. The friendly people want you to come and share with them this incredible miracle of nature and this wonderful experience.

Antigua and Barbuda have beautiful emerald waters with golden sandy beaches and is the best destination in the entire Caribbean as it is famous for its 365 beaches, one for each day of the year. Below are just a few of the great many places to visit in Antigua & Barbuda.

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In 1784 the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson sailed into Antigua and established Great Britain’s most important Caribbean base.

Little did he know that over 200 years later the same unique characteristics that attracted the Royal Navy would transform Antigua and Barbuda in one of the Caribbean’s premier tourist destinations.

Shops at Heritage Quay

Heritage Quay, St John’s, with its Casino and duty free complex leads directly to the cruise ships berth where the cruise ships arrive twice weekly and everyone takes advantage of the chic shops, restaurants and bars that dominate the downtown area.

Nelsons Dockyard

In English Harbour lies Nelson’s Dockyard, the only surviving Georgian dockyard in the world.

Nelson’s Dockyard is the largest of Antigua’s National Parks and is still used today as a working dockyard for numerous yachts and ships. Fully restored to its original splendor, the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings of the Dockyard house modern amenities such as shops, hotels, and marina businesses. Outside the dockyard, historic forts dot the landscape of the park accessible by hiking trails which allow visitors to enjoy the park’s scenic and natural beauty.

Today, Nelson’s Dockyard provides many sites and activities for visitors to explore and enjoy. The Dockyard Museum, located in the former Admiral’s House, presents visitors with exhibits regarding the Dockyard’s history and current archaeological research on the island. The Copper and Lumber Store Hotel offers five-star accommodations and is a magnificent venue for special occasions. Businesses including gift shops, art galleries, and restaurants also reside in the Dockyard and demonstrate how the park preserves the area’s unique cultural heritage while meeting modern needs

The yard fell into disarray until finally it was restored after being renamed Nelsons Dockyard around 1957.



The Admirals Inn

The first Inn (Public House) in the whole of the Caribbean. The Admirals Inn is today one of the most famous tourist attractions being kept by the authority of the National Park Organization in exactly the same condition as when it was first built.

Shirley Heights

At the most southerly tip of Antigua, The Lookout, part of the Shirley Heights military complex, commands a breathtaking view over the whole of English Harbour.  Its position, together with another platform lower down literally dominated the entire sea view of all the French Islands.

Shirley Heights is now a great location to watch the sunset.

Now best known for its Sunday Barbecue party. Ask any of the bartenders, who work at Shirley Heights whether the party happens every Sunday, and the reply will be, ” Yes…like church!”

From 4.00pm the sweet pulsating rhythms of the steelband accompany mouth-watering smells of the barbecue. Spectacular sunsets are standard. At 7.00pm the entertainment changes and some of the island’s finest party bands are featured until 10.00pm. No trip to Antigua is complete without a visit to Shirley Heights.  An amazing setting for all the family to enjoy including local food, rum and live entertainment.