Antigua Estates understands that a great number of our our clients who purchase property and land through us, buy in Jolly Harbour as they are boating enthusiasts, and what could be better than stepping out on to your patio and within a few steps you are boarding your boat and you’re away!

We have been asked by various clients what would be their best options if they were purchasing a boat.  With this in mind we have decided to team up with an expert in Boat sales who lives here in Antigua but has experience across the globe being able to cater for our European clients tastes as well as Americans, Canadians and further afield.

The Caribbean Sea, although calm on the sheltered leeward side normally has a minimum one and a half metre swell on the Atlantic side. This being the case many motor boats manufactured are simply not strong or safe enough to seriously be used on the Atlantic side or running island to Island. There are many brands out there which are really only suited to relatively sheltered waters or lake use.

There is also a big difference in price between the quality more bespoke built boats and the mass produced brands.

The team would start by asking you detailed questions of how you would use your boat whether a motor boat or sailing Yacht, they would work with you to meet every expectation in the correct design for you and the most affordable cost effective option.

You would be in safe hands! For further information please fill out the inquiry form below and leave the rest to us.

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