Antigua Estates project management service was developed to help you with the purchase of your investment. We will assist and act as your representative, report directly to you as your personal project manager and oversee the entire project.

Development in the Caribbean can be difficult at the best of times; we will help from finding the right Lot, to finding the right Architect. We work with you from the day you purchase your lot to develop your dream home.

You cannot be on the island all the time so we have a project manager who is your eyes and ears for your investment.

The services we offer are as follows:

Pre Construction Phase

  • Work with the lawyers and track your documents
  •  Assist in securing financing for the land and the project
  • Prepare a scope of works
  • Setup interviews for the right architect
  • Prepare contracts for the architect
  • Set up review meeting
  • Setup meeting with interior designers if applicable Prepare all the documents for the development control authority ( DCA )
  • Setup meeting with contractors
  • Send out tender documents

Construction Phase

  • Project Management
  • Site inspections
  • Inventory control
  • Manage timelines
  • Daily, Weekly site meeting
  • Weekly reports to the owners
  • Architect reviews and site meetings
  • Develop purchasing programs
  • Develop payment certificates
  • Manage all project accounting
  • Develop progress reports
  • Develop contractor snag list
  • Project Close out

Property Due Diligence

  • Property Review
  • House inspection
  • Renovation recommendations
  • Cost evaluation
  • Site Survey

Purchase Management

  • Source Materials
  • Procurement list
  • Cost evaluation
  • Prepare supplier list

Our project management service was developed to work directly with the owners and act only on the owners behalf, as most project managers work either with the contractor or architect, and that represents a conflict of interest.

We will offer several different building solutions that will be cost effective to you and ensure that the construction meets all the proper building codes.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us: +1 (268) 764 7999

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