Caribbean Real Estate and Antigua

Due to Antigua’s beauty and laid back attitude (especially in global times of instability), climate and tourism, property buying and foreign investment is as popular as ever. In 2013, Antigua joined other nations in offering foreign nationals the possibility of citizenship in return for investing in Antigua.

Dragons Lair, Jolly Harbour 

Caribbean Homes For Sale 

Antigua proposes stability for investors with a decent government structure and locality for North America (Canada and the USA) and Europe. Many people choose wisely to invest in property in Antigua. If you are looking, then we can help.

“We have 28 years experience and 19 years on the island so you are in the best of care in finding your ideal property.”

Favoured Locations for Property in Antigua

The South – English Harbour and Falmouth

Established tourism and international yacht interest with a healthy mix of expats and locals alike.

Galley Bay Heights –

Go West in the lesser developed part of Antigua. Galley Bay Heights is a very exclusive part of Antigua with neighbours such as Giorgio Armani.

Galley Bay Heights Location

Jolly Harbour –

A gated marina development community with a great array of facilities makes for a very appealing destination. You can find a golf course, gym, restaurants, tennis, swimming, supermarket and shops. It is located in a beautiful part of Antigua. If you are looking for an investment property then the villas of the marina make excellent projects, as Jolly Harbour is a touristic centre with amazing beaches and many tours close by.

Jolly Harbour Map

Reeds Point –

A particularly interesting point for land and therefore property. This is a point in the true sense almost feeling like an island itself.
This is located in Jolly Harbour yet you wouldn’t know it as it is away from the main ‘fingers’.

Of course the list of locations doesn’t end there, these are some of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean and Antigua.
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